MASCAS is a creative events group that designs experiences inspired by art, psychology, theatre and life-stories.
The team is driven to guide people into moments of expression, consciousness, silence and space.

When did you last choose for yourself, for something you think is important?
Media broadcasts, high expectations of personal performance,
and various demands in your relationships may have led you to choose predictability
rather than surrendering to your deeper needs.

The MASCAS Experience disrupts our routinely lives. Empties our overfilled minds. Invites us to stand still and experience something unexpected.

You want to embrace your curious, open-minded, and playful side.
You wish to explore how to direct your own life.

A chance to rediscover your humanity, your being.
A chance to find true connection.



“De avond was voor mij een reis door mijn eigen geest.
Soms verbonden met een ander… En soms gericht op de omgeving,
maar altijd in relatie tot mezelf. Het is een verrijking.”
M. Ong Alok


“Ik voelde mij opvallend heel ontspannen. Ervoer innerlijke rust.”
I.G. Tavares



Marina Abramović is a Yugoslavia-born performance artist. Her work and excerises explore the relationship between performer and audience, the limits of the body and the possibilities of the mind.

MASCAS has their own flavour of bringing several exercises to you. The exercises will be focused on space, consciousness, duration, expression, silence and will be held in a safe environment, without going into extremes.

Group size: maximum 12 per edition
For questions: info@mascas.nu
Location: will be announced the day before the event


For photos and more info check our Facebook page